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On Demand Taxi Service

Indianapolis Yellow Cab offers curb to curb taxi service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All of our vehicles are licensed and inspected by the City of Indianapolis and we ensure our fleet meets or exceeds their standards.

The drivers go through criminal background checks, motor vehicle report checks, and complete a safety and orientation class so that they may provide safe and efficient service.

Whenever you need Indianapolis taxi service, call (317) 487-7777 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Medicaid Taxi Service

Indianapolis Yellow Cab offers Medicaid taxi service for Medicaid participants that meet certain transportation eligibility requirements.

For service or eligibility questions call 317-487-1430. Medicaid lines are open Monday – Friday 8a.m. thru 4p.m.

ADA Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

  • Fully modified lowered floor and rear-entry access
  • Lightweight spring balance fold-down ramp
  • Universal wheelchair tie-down system
  • Air conditioning, separate rear climate controls, power locks and windows

Indianapolis Yellow Cab is pleased to offer curb-to-curb taxi service to the mobility impaired community. The men and women who drive our wheelchair-accessible vans are independent contractors. Drivers who choose to drive one of these vehicles participate in a Passenger Assistance Orientation session to better serve customers who can take advantage of this service.

Across Indianapolis, people who use wheelchairs and are physically capable of using curb-to-curb taxicab transportation are enjoying the simple pleasure of getting where they want to go.

Our studies show that there is a sizable population of mobility challenged people who need curb-to-curb taxi service. They don’t need the more involved and more expensive Para transit service required by people with more complicated health concerns and mobility challenges. These people have not been getting the service they need in many cities. Wheelchair-accessible taxis expand their options so they can have their transportation needs met without having to pay for additional services they don’t need.

The wheelchair-accessible taxis currently in use are Ford Transit Connect and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. Any rider will appreciate the vehicles’ comfort and attractive appearance. However, these vans also have special-use capabilities. They meet ADA standards and can accommodate wheelchairs up to 30” and certain models can accommodate up to 34" wide.

Indianapolis Yellow Cab has solicited input from local organizations that work with the mobility challenged community. For example, we work closely with the Central Indiana Council on Aging.

There will always be a need for specialized transportation providers for those with greater mobility challenges and health concerns. The wheelchair-accessible taxi service isn’t for every rider, but it is a great service for those who can take advantage of it.

We take pride in bringing wheelchair-accessible taxi service to Indianapolis.

Call our dispatch line at (317) 487-7777 Monday through Friday from 8a.m. to 4p.m. to make reservations for 24 hour curb to curb wheelchair service. We take reservations up to 48 hours in advance and no less than 2 hours prior to need time. Return rides do not require a reservation. When placing your order please remember to tell the customer service representative that you require a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Corporate Accounts

A Yellow Cab corporate charge account provides your business or organization with priority access to passenger and package delivery services. A corporate account is the perfect answer for providing transportation to important clients, visiting executives, or associates on the move.

We offer monthly, weekly, or daily billing. Our invoices provide you with a detailed breakdown for each trip. You will find that a corporate charge account is an exceptionally valuable tool for seamless business travel and customer transport.

To establish a corporate account with Indianapolis Yellow Cab, Inc. a credit application must be completed, signed, and returned for approval. Once the credit has been verified and approved our staff will call you with a unique account identifier.

Corporate account transportation requests can be made online (link to reservation page) or called into our call center at 317-487-7777.

Ready to open your corporate charge account with Indianapolis Yellow Cab?

Download Credit Application PDF

If you are interested in establishing a corporate account and still have questions please call 317-247-6233 ext. 247 for assistance.


Package Delivery

We offer door-to-door on demand courier service for documents and packages (up to 25 lbs.) anywhere in the Greater Indianapolis area.

Fares are calculated by Taxicab rates. There is a $5 delivery fee added to the fare. No additional charge for nights, weekends or holidays.


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