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Indianapolis Yellow Cab has been a taxicab service provider for over 50 years. Founded in 1951, Indianapolis Yellow Cab quickly grew to be the largest taxicab company in Indiana. Throughout that time, Indianapolis Yellow Cab has prided itself on being the premier taxicab service provider in the Greater Indianapolis Area. Because of its history and market position, Indianapolis Yellow Cab is able to provide its customers with one of the best fleets in the country. Clean late model cabs ensure customer comfort.

Indianapolis' largest and longest running taxicab service is also the most technologically advanced transportation solution in Greater Indianapolis. Our computer dispatch system matches the closest available cab with your pick up address, ensuring the fastest response time possible. Our taxis are equipped with cameras, which record events inside and outside of the taxi for an added sense of security for both passenger and driver.

Indianapolis Yellow Cab is a locally owned, equal opportunity employer. In addition to serving more than 150 independent contractor taxi drivers at our fleet, we provide more than 40 jobs in Indianapolis, in positions ranging from phone operators to mechanics as well as office employees


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